Poster I Married the King of the Underworld
and my Mom Freaked

a new musical by Adi Sara Kreindler

Premiering at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, July 17-28, 2019

What if your mom is the earth-goddess and she doesn't like your boyfriend? What if the man of your dreams whisks you away to a land of darkness and mildew? It's the Greek myth of Persephone reimagined, featuring a singing three-headed dog, a misunderstood Medusa, and a Zeus with an uncanny resemblance to a certain President. Plus, a sparkling original score that hearkens back to classic Broadway.  Like the goddess, the musical oscillates between light and darkness, offering zany humour, satire, romance, and a poignant story of an unbreakable mother-daughter bond.

See you in Hades!





Greek Mythology??

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  This is a Canadian Actors' Equity production under the Festival Policy.
All Original Artwork: Sam Plett