"It's All Greek to Me..."  


You don't need to know Greek mythology to enjoy this show!  But for the curious, here's the official "Myth Book" version:

Long, long ago, when Zeus reigned over the ancient gods from his seat on Mount Olympus, the young goddess Persephone was abducted by Hades, god of the underworld.  Her heartbroken mother, earth-goddess Demeter, plunged the earth into perpetual winter until her daughter was found.  But while in the land of the dead, Persephone had eaten a pomegranate seed.  Because of this, she was compelled to spend half of each year in Hades' realm.   During those months, winter enshrouds the land and nothing grows as Demeter grieves.  But when Persephone returns to the upper world, her mother rejoices and summer returns to the earth.

But is that what really happened?  Come see the show and find out.

Cast of Characters

PERSEPHONE, a young goddess finding her place in the world.

DEMETER, her mother, goddess of the earth and the harvest.

HADES, the mysterious god of the underworld, with a voice like 85% dark chocolate.

ZEUS, king of the gods, whose special talents include thunderbolt-throwing, nymph-chasing, and wall-building.

HERA, queen of the gods, who spends most of her time policing her husband’s infidelities. 

MEDUSA, an attractive young woman who unfortunately has snakes for hair.

APHRODITE, goddess of love (or is that lust?) and beauty.

HELIOS, the slightly bumbling god of the sun.

The THREE GRACES, our storytellers, personifications of beauty, charm, and artistic expression.

CERBERUS, an exotic pet